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                    Welcome to Presto Services Inc.!

...your complete mailing service solution for all of your

Printing & Direct Mail needs!

About Presto Services, Inc.

Presto Services Inc. was founded in 1983 offering a variety of traditional lettershop services, like: printing, folding, inserting, tabbing, addressing, etc. Since then, PSI has grown by providing quality service to a growing number of customers. We process jobs quickly and efficiently to meet and exceed customer's expectation!

Presto Services, Inc. has been providing printing and mailing solutions to many companies for over 25 years. Our customer list includes, among others, several small to medium size utility companies providing water, gas, electric, sewer and garbage services. Our customer base, right now, is located across a four state area, (TN, KY, IL, AL) but we're not limited to that region.

Presto Services, Inc. (PSI) is not a huge corporation where you don’t know who is taking care of your business! And it’s not a tiny business that cannot handle the quantity, quality or the turn-around time that you need. PSI is just the right size company for you.

We have the right people, the right equipment, the right experience and, most importantly, the right ATTITUDE. No business is too small or unimportant to us. Whether a customer needs to mail a few hundred, a few thousands or hundreds of thousands of pieces, each project is treated with the same priority and completed with the same speed and accuracy. Your interest will be our interest!

We believe that: “Quality is never an accident”. We want our customers to feel satisfied and will make every effort to keep them that way at all times.

Before we switched to our corporate name of Presto Services, Inc., we were known as Mailing Service of Clarksville. In 1998 we were recognized by the United States Postal Service for high quality and compliance with the their regulations in mail preparation and were given the "Success Story Award" of the year for the Middle Tennessee area. 

PSI is located in Clarksville, Tennessee, near the TN-KY border, approximately 45 miles northwest of Nashville. Clarksville is the fastest growing city in Tennessee and one of the fastest growing in the Southeast. It is very favorably located approximately 250 miles from the population center of the United States and within one day's travel to 76% of the major United States cities. You can reach Clarksville through I-24 Exits 1, 4, 8 & 11. PSI is located approximately 3 miles of Exit 4. (See our Locator Map for directions)

If you want to find out more about what PSI can do for you, call us toll free:


or E-mail us at

…and remember: “We will always serve you right.”

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